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Flexible Pathways

Students come from diverse backgrounds and have different interests and goals. To assist students with attaining these educational goals, MUHS offers the following elective programs that adhere to the Flexible Pathways initiative in the State of Vermont. For additional information, please see a school counselor.  

Dual Enrollment

The Vermont Dual Enrollment Program offered through Middlebury Union High School allows high school juniors and seniors to earn college credit while enrolled in high school. Students participating in the program may take a total of two tuition free courses.

In order to participate students must:

  • Prior to registering for a course at participating colleges, students must complete and submit a Dual Enrollment application available here and in the guidance office.
  • Submitted applications will be reviewed by a team consisting of building principals and school counselors. 
  • Approved students may then apply for a Vermont Dual Enrollment Voucher through the link provided below to cover the costs of taking the class. In addition approved students will need to register for their class at the participating college.

More information regarding the Dual Enrollment Program is available at the link provided below:

Early College 

Early College is a full-year alternative to the senior year of high school.  Students take courses in college to complete their high school graduation requirements and their freshman year of college simultaneously-tuition free.  Programs are available at CCV, Castleton, Johnson State, Lyndon State, and Burlington College.  Early College also includes the Vermont Academy of Science and Technology (VAST) at Vermont Tech.

Virtual High School

Middlebury Union High School offers online courses through Virtual High School. Virtual High School offers over 400 courses, including 15 Advanced Placement, across multiple disciplines. A list of courses and additional information is available at the VHS Web-site ( Students who enroll in a Virtual High School course will be able to:

1. Have access to unique courses that are not available at our high school.

2. Improve scheduling flexibility – these classes can be scheduled around existing classes provided the student has internet access.

3. Gain essential 21st century learning skills such as multimedia presentation, online collaboration and communication, and team-building.

4. Collaborate with students from other states and countries.

Students interested in information about enrolling in a Virtual High School course should talk with the Virtual High School MUHS Site Coordinator or their school counselor.  There are 25 seats are available each semester. 

Middlebury College Program

Middlebury Union High School has an agreement with Middlebury College whereby a limited number of grade 12 students are allowed to enroll in Middlebury College courses that the high school does not offer. To apply, the student must have exhausted all MUHS classes offered in the subject area to which they are applying. There is no charge for these courses. All applicants must be exceptionally strong academic students who have demonstrated a responsible and mature approach to their academic commitments. Interested students need to complete an application form (available in the Guidance Office). The class will be taken for an academic letter grade and it will become part of the official transcript. It will count towards Class Rank and Grade Point Average (GPA). It is important to note that no college credit is awarded for courses taken at Middlebury College by a MUHS student.

Independent Study Program

Any student is eligible to take an independent study course. The program is designed for students who are unable to reasonably participate in a regularly scheduled class or who desire academic pursuits outside the available curriculum. Independent studies are in addition to the minimum number of six classes required of a full-time student. Independent studies are Pass/Fail only and are not to be used to fulfill graduation requirements. Approval for an independent study is based upon the level of maturity, responsibility, self-motivation and, to some extent, the academic performance of the student. To apply, a student should decide upon a topic and a supervising faculty member from within the school who is knowledgeable in the area of interest and then, with the assistance of the faculty member, complete an application form available in the Guidance Office.

Additional Options

Students interested in earning credit for course work outside Middlebury Union High School’s program must complete the “Request for Pre-Approval” form available in the guidance office prior to the beginning of the course. Additional information such as a course syllabus and course or program description should be included with the request. Credit for coursework taken outside MUHS will be for elective credit unless otherwise approved. If approved, the student must submit an official grade report to the guidance office upon completion of the course to receive credit. Examples of potential alternative course work are: Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY), Middlebury World Language Programs, etc.