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Expectations for Computer Use

  • All food and drinks are finished before using computers. 
  • All students and staff follow the ACSD Responsible Computer, Internet & Network at all times. Students not using the computers appropriately will be asked to log off. Repeated inappropriate use of technology will result in disciplinary measures.

Library Computers

There are 6 desktop computers available in the Library for use by individual students or for teachers to sign up classes.  All computers have the Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Suite of products.  Juniors and Seniors may use the Learning Center computers during free block periods to study, do research, or complete projects.  Freshmen and Sophomores may use the Learning Center computers during Guided Study; students must have a pass from their teacher. All students are expected to sign in and out of the library and technology space at the Circulation Desk.

Technology Lab

The Technology Lab is connected to the Learning Center.  There are 24 desktop computers that have standard software including the Microsoft Office and the Adobe Suite.  Individual students may use the Technology Lab computers to study, do research, or complete projects if a class is not scheduled.  The back space of the technology lab is available for collaborative projects and instructional space.


The following calendar is used to sign up for the Learning Center library, conference room, and outdoor instructional spaces. Teachers may sign up for the Library space, back conference room, or outdoor spaces by contacting the Learning Center circulation desk (x. 1148) or emailing Louise Carl (lcarl@) and Stephanie Sherman (ssherman@)

  • Learning Center (Library, conference room and outdoor tents) managed by the Learning Center